Yes.  A great thing has happened, Larry.   A book I used to buy in the 90’s is back in the stores and I got a chance to draw a cover for it guided by the mighty Mike Baron, creator of Badger AND Nexus.   

I busted butt to get this done so I can get back to finishing my BankShot duties, something I’m still finishing for Dark Horse publishing , which will be explained in my next entry, but I was glad to accomplish it. 

I haven’t posted in awhile but there’s a lot to get done and more will be posted here as the weeks go this month.  

Hope you dig the image, Larry!!



…….this is why it pays to keep driving for your passions no matter what. 

And it’s just the beginning.  
     I got an email from some producers on SYFY to represent people of color in the comics industry for Black History Month.  I immediately replied and hit send, getting my company ETERNAL KICK’s talent manager Elina Nulman to help arrange everything while I hit my deadlines.   The last week in January they came by with this massive amount of camera equipment.   People in the neighborhood wanted to know if a movie was shooting and who was the celebrity!   

If that doesn’t make a guy feel special, he needs to get out more. Lol. 

I made a nice culinary spread for everyone and we got to the business at hand.  It went pretty long but was edited down ,of course…. and they made 4 spots so far of the interview.  This on that I posted here is the television spot that appeared so far and will be running all this month along with more comic alumn who enjoy the same passions I do.  
Telling stories. 

You spend Time in your cave creating worlds while the outside world goes by, and then you go just enough to get people’s notice.  


Enjoy. 🤤🤤​


In the nineties, when I had finished my tour with Milestone Media, and my work on Xero for DC Comics, I got a gig on X-Man…. which lead to lending my talents to the book SLINGERS, a book that used characters that used various aliases that Peter Parker used as a disguise from whatever travails his true alter ego SPIDER-MAN was experiencing.  I had done a years worth of that book when I founded that Slingers was to be canceled due to sales and I was brought into the Office of Tom Brevoort who flagged me down after turning in pages.  

    Back then, it was vogue to walk in your work so you could voucher your work for payment.   Nowadays, it’s all computers and cloud severs.  

     Tom was looking to kickstart a new volume of Captain Marvel, this time using Mar-Vell’s son Genis-Vell along with Rick Jones as his partner in crime.  When I learned that Peter David was writing it, I was SO down to draw this book….never mind the mythos behind the Captain Marvel legend.  I didn’t even stick around for the end of Slingers.   There was a preview script ready for art and I jumped at the chance to do it. So, my first thought was how do I make Rick Jones MINE? 

I had the idea to make him look like Ricky Martin, who was really big at the time, living La Vida Loca…. and I thought it would be a great update to a legendary character that had been in league with the likes of Hulk and Captain America and had been to war in the Avengers Forever storyline. 

No pressure.  

    But I had no pressure in drawing the image that was the new Captain Marvel.  And I knew if I did this right, people would start to respect my art abilities.  So I used my love of anime and manga storytelling-wise to intro the image of my first time  drawing Genis as CAPTAIN MARVEL.   I was looking to flex and I saved my excitement for this VERY PAGE.   The clanging of the nega-bands by Rick Jones, the POWER COSMIC creating a flash of light, a tornado spiral of energy and air swirling around the now shadowy image of Rick and a pull back in camera to reveal the first image of a cool looking character I would be exponentially maturing my art from for the next three years.  All from a straightforward script that gave me the license to truly tell a great story as if I was directing a cartoon.  

     When my best friend found out I was going to draw this particular series for Marvel, he was floored.  He loved the Captain Marvel character also. 

     When I think of when my career in comics kicked off,  personally feel this page is the seed that got my name perculating in the comics industry.  One day I may just redraw this page for fun with the abilities I’ve acquired after over 25 years of drawing comics.  

This was fun.  


In the 90’s, when new companies were booming in the Comics industry, I had the chance to get a stab at working with a number of Indy companies.   One of them was a company called AKKLAIM who was famous for doing video games and decided to branch out into the realm of comics.  In between my work on Captain Marvel for Marvel, I got a call to work on a filler issue (what companies call when the regular artist on a monthly series has to take a break and needs another artist to stand in on artistic duties to keep the books coming out on time) to work in a genre I rarely get to do.  Superhero/mystical/horror.  There’s not many books like this.  So I gave it a go.  And I had a bit of fun with it.  

This is an oldie but goodie and if you’ve never seen it, I’d like to share it with you.  

It was written by two great writers named Danny Abnett And Andy Lanning who told me they really enjoyed my work on that issue. 

I hope you will too. 


        In 2007, I had this deal I was working out with IDW in its infancy where I would do a myriad of covers for them to build a different type of portfolio other than The Big Two : one was doing covers for GI Joe, another for ANGEL, another was going to be for a plethora of LOST covers when they were publishing such, AND another for GENE SIMMONS :HOUES OF HORRORS.  

       I  just happened to come across the JPEG of the art for the piece as I was looking for something I’m doing now, of all things…. And I remembered why I took the job, but I also remember why I stopped pressing for more opportunities there at that time.  The rates were too low. But as a freelancer sometimes you have to decide if what you’re taking on is more about fun or finances.  It’s all about what your personal needs and satisfaction on your quest to ” perfection”. 

I thought it was a cool piece, but it never got used or published, so I’m PRETTY SURE it’s okay to show. If not, color me REBEL. 

AS you can see I went for a different take hereof her than my usual comic book-y, air.  But I had fun with going a bit MONSTER.   



There was a lot, i mean a LOT, going on in April that easily leaked into May as far as crappy negative situations could go. I’m on a major deadline with a company called Kingstone Media, and getting some creator-owned work done when i hear my brother is in the hospital with a brain injury.
The “why’s” and “how’s don’t really matter, but nevertheless, i had to break away from the table to go see my baby bro.

After traveling long distances back and forth to see him, my work time is getting cut into because of wedding stuff…..

(Oh yeah. Im getting married in June )

And things that have to have my artistic touches there need me to let go of the deadline for the night. Then tastings galore and dee-jays and photogs… Then running back and forth to my fiancees home…..

And then my brother leaves the hospital. His first thing to do after a brain injury…..


Trying to catch up with work while things start to die down and then another BOOM :…..

My mom is in the hospital now. Even DIES for a couple of seconds on the table in the Ct Scanning room.

Now my brain is shut down.



My other obligations are on the backburner at this point while I’m privately freaking out inside myself thinking to myself how i’m NOT READY TO LOSE MY MOM….

Lord, Don’t take her home yet. Not the Upper Room. She has to see me get married first. I said that about my grandmother for years. That she couldn’t go to the Lord until i got married. It was a semi-joke, of course….

Accent on the Semi…..

But who thought i’d be dealing with back to back family members going to the same hospital two weeks apart from each other? Or that i’d be talking to my 92 year old grandmother about her daughter in the hospital after years of my semi-joking about not losing her?

I needed a mental break. I put everything down. Knowing my deadline was looming.

And then Dave Cockrum.

Some guy named Clifford Meth…

I kid you not.


….. Seems to have gotten his hands on a dream book of mine. the Futurians.

Dave Cockrum’s superteam fresh from the X-men and Legionnaire’s thought process, in my opinion…. And Meth was getting high powered artists to donate art to the project in honor of Cockrum.

To those who don’t know, Dave Cockrum was the legend that created the New X-men… A team that comprised of Cyclops, And new additions and the first appearances of Storm, Banshee, Colossus, NightCrawler, Wolverine (Fresh from his own debut in the Hulk) and ThunderBird. And Cockrum recreated the now iconic looks for all the characters.

Well this man created The Futurians. And when he got sick and then died, i wanted to own the IP to do the Cockrum name justice and really push his characters into the forefront. It appears that i was beat to the punch.

I wanted to escape my present mental freeze so i stayed off the project I’m working on and chose to do a pinup for Meth and join in with other artists who were going to do The Futurians concept proud.

So i hit Meth up and told him i was joining in …..

And escaped long enough to produce this….!


The great Bob Wiacek is going to ink this.

I cant wait! When he does, I’ll post it here.

In other news, my mom is home but not totally out of the woods… But improving.

And that one pinup jumpstarted my brain again.

Btw. I still want this IP.

I want it. 😉


I never really saw myself working with Archie when I was young and first starting in the medium. And I don’t regret chasing them down either. One thing you learn in the medium is to never have a light nose filled with derision when it comes to where you work. As long as it pays, pal. That’s the freelancer credo.

And having fun on projects.

When I heard that Archie had reacquired the Red Circle characters, something in me jumped for joy.

They’re back.

They’re going to get a new lease on life.

And I wanted to get to draw them at least ONCE.

SO… I called up the Editor in Chief after much due diligence and availed of my services.

And this was the result.

And I hope you liked it.

Cuz I had FUN.

THIS batch of heroes are the NEW Crusaders.

And I wanted the new incantation of these guys to feel like a cool ’80’s cartoon. Much like I did with the Mighty 7 cover.

Ah, the ’80’s.

You kids missed the best decade ever. 🙂


CapMarv’s QUANTUM LEAP 1999

Yup. It’s been awhile since i’ve seen my buddies Genis-Vell and Rick Jones. Im looking around for some reference and lo and behold, i bump into this cover. I thought I had actually sold this one by my art agent Mark Hay. This was a cool time in my career.

When i finished draw The Slingers for Marvel, I git a call-in from Tom Brevoort and he was looking for an artist for a new Captain Marvel. To show you how eerie this is, i remember the series before i started the one that seems to still be popular and i used to buy it as a fan… But no way did i ever realize that i would be working on something that would be a big canon in Marvel history. Heck, i was more into getting paid. :). I just wanted to jump on something where i could flex. I don’t get to do that often. There’s either hurried deadlines or not enough info… But i got to play around with CapMarv for a long time. Like 3 years. Even with the enhanced reboot i did four issues on.

This cover for issue #25 was in the middle of the Avengers Forever run. A future Rick Jones who apparently got the wrong end of a fight with a Skrull, i think. But with this particular Rick, i got to do some really great acting and storytelling. Especially with a potential orgy scene… Yes… I said ORGY…. With a bunch of green skinned female concubines from another dimension.

Anibal Rodriguez, who inked me on the cover, did a bang up job. Its influenced by the intro of Quantum Leap…. And since I wasn’t using computers then, now that i’ve scanned this image, i felt the need to update the cover by adding some things that i probably would have done when i worked on it had i had my Mac….

Not much.

Just a flare or two. :).

Hope yuh likes. 🙂


The Mighty 7

Sometime ago, Vito Delsante and I , we who are (were) partners at my company ETERNAL KICK, were in talks with The Great Archie Publications about working with the Great STAN LEE And his Mighty 7.

Something we wanted to really work on and hopefully retool so that the mightiness of Stan Lee continued on….
…. But after a year of negotiations, it didn’t pan out. It was kind of one of those losses you just snap your fingers and suck your teeth and go, “Awww, MaaaAAAAaaannn…”


…we’re still in talks with Archie for some other cool stuff. And I’ll let you know when things are completed and greenlit.

** which also didn’t pan out**

but…. That means you get to see the cover we had worked out that would double as a campaign poster!

And I never hold things back from the fans. Not if I can help it, anyway…

What…? You never seen a hypocrite before?:)

Well this hypocrite comes bearing art. I hope you likes.

The first cover:


And here’s the cover concept that was supposed to be the first … Or second… Eh… Who cares…:)

It never got done, but it think it would have been iconic…!



I’ve been waiting to post this for awhile. And also I’ve been eager to see what my version of X-O Man-O-War would ever look like. I wanted to have fun with it and I wanted to set a tone.



I can be your Michael Bay! One can never have to any bursts of light or smoke….. BIG SMOKE… In a comic cover. And if someone complains..


…it won’t be the last of it!

Avoid those beams everywhere around you, X-O!
They’re just JEALOUS!