I never really saw myself working with Archie when I was young and first starting in the medium. And I don’t regret chasing them down either. One thing you learn in the medium is to never have a light nose filled with derision when it comes to where you work. As long as it pays, pal. That’s the freelancer credo.

And having fun on projects.

When I heard that Archie had reacquired the Red Circle characters, something in me jumped for joy.

They’re back.

They’re going to get a new lease on life.

And I wanted to get to draw them at least ONCE.

SO… I called up the Editor in Chief after much due diligence and availed of my services.

And this was the result.

And I hope you liked it.

Cuz I had FUN.

THIS batch of heroes are the NEW Crusaders.

And I wanted the new incantation of these guys to feel like a cool ’80’s cartoon. Much like I did with the Mighty 7 cover.

Ah, the ’80’s.

You kids missed the best decade ever. 🙂


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