Spiking those pages….

Just finished doing the first issue of the Spike Mini for IDW.
A four issue jammy.

Seeing that Chris Ryall has already posted pages of the first ish on his site,
i guess they have no qualms about me doing the same. So i’ll post the three inked pages of what I and Marc Deering completed. It requires a lot of background drawing, but
i’m sure that people will like what they see.

Felix Seranno will be coloring the whole shebang, which is great because we’ve known each other almost twenty years and only worked together twice. That had to come to and end. He’s been around. His gig on the PITT mini and a TOP COW Darkness:FLAMES AND SHADOWS one-shot was some of his best stuff. He also colored a gig that Marc himself inked that will see the light of day finally called the Further Adventures of Miranda Mercury.

God knows if i got that title right.

So here’s some completed pencils and inks of the first issue.
Go out and buy it when it comes out!!!

Next time, i’ll use the virtual comic flipper thingy to show you the rest.

and as usually, hit the lavender. These other guys need play too. 😀

Gettin’ SPIKEY!!!!

SO, i’m doing a miniseries for IDW called SPIKE.
You know who Spike is…. and if you don’t, you spent a great deal of the
’90’s in your closet. SPIKE of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame.
I never thought i would be working on this character, nor
did i think that i would be working with IDW.
SO it goes to show that you should always keep your eyes open down the road because
you never know which street you may frequent. 😀

So i figure that it would be great to post some sketch headshots that Myself and Marc Deering did… just to see how we would gel… and it’s pretty cool.

I have to check to see when it’s coming out. I’m usually in my “cave” so i don’t check on those things. Usually busy just making deadlines. But as soon as i know i’ll post.

By the by, if the letters are in Lavender, click on it. 😀