KEYS to the kingdom

This is the most amazing thing i have ever seen. I’ve always had a thing for ALICIA KEYS.


I even have a top one hundred list in my brain of all the type of women i like.


Hold up…. gotta wipe.


If you are a man, and you don’t like what you see in this vid… something’s wrong with you.
If you are a white man and you don’t like the hips on this sister… something has melted your brain.
I say this because of the many talks with my caucasian brethren who say they like there women with skinny thighs and tight hips.

Which is usually “white” for “back and legs.”

A broomstick with a hair-weave.

OR what we brothers call NASSITALL.


can’t say the word. I don’t curse. Use your imagination.

If you’re gay, and you’re not at least swayed enough to say…”Pookie, look at the bricks in that house, hunney. I’m tempted to make my crooked way STRAIGHT for a day with that!”, then you’re in EXTREME denial, “sistuh“.

If you are an ATHIEST, look at her. You’ve just seen proof that GOD does EXIST.

Why stare into a corn chip looking for the Madonna and Jesus when living proof of God’s beauty is in plain view?

I’ve seen it.

I Know.
I know.

You’re saying…”ChrisCross, you said in your posts that you are a born again Christian. How can you look at her like that? How can you even say these things? You HEATHEN.”

To which i say that being a born-again Christian means in part about dying to the “old man” that you used to be.

It doesn’t mean i’m DEAD.

That, my dear men, is what a WOMAN looks like.

God can make a woman can’t he?


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