what we have here is a second chance to communicate.

Just in case you didn’t get to read the first installment, i’m going through the motions
of putting this second installment of TAINTED for your perusal.

I know..

it sounded very Twilight Zone.

What you’re getting here is probably more artwork than most other comic artists usually put
in their blogs in one sitting. It shows that i truly want to entertain you.

That and i wanted to make sure that people get to see what James Brown can really do when he gets an artist “that truly inspires me to want to get to the computer.”

Hey, we can all use inspiration.

Every time i set up a color page in photoshop for him to base certain hue choices to push the art and take him out of his comfort zone,….

well, the way he came through was truly an inspiration.

We both had fun vibing with each other’s talent.

It’s kinda like we took turns singing country music with our classic Noble acoustic guitars.

James is no joke.

SO have fun looking through this next batch.
and as always, click on the lavender words to hit James Brown’s portfolio.

It’s bombdiggity.

So what?

I can say that.

It’s my blog and i can cheese if i wanna.

And click on the page turning readers so you can see them at full size.


And as always, click on the lavender.

It goes straight to James’ site.

Just a hint in case you think i’m ordering you around.


Look at that.
Right above me.

Isn’t that the coolest reader you’ve ever seen for a blog?

I thought it would be a great showcase to show some work that i feel a year and a half of mismanagement from some that have no idea how to pimp their mistresses may mess up if no one ever gets to see it.

And that’s me…ever the spoiler.

This is Tainted.

Or what was supposed to be the mega mini that was supposed to come out through Big City Comics.

No longer in existence.


I could go on and on about how mad i was enough to spit……
Tainted enough with the president and owner of that company to make me wanna show out.

But i’m a different man now.
With loftier goals.
Why spend all my finger strength smacking keys on a keyboard talking about
people who don’t ever get it when i can just show you the work that no one will ever see.

and the best work that that owner will EVER get.



I discovered that instead of telling people about the work i did for the “small guy”, i thought it would be better if i just showed you. James Brown is the colorist on this mini.. and he did such a great job, it’s just an injustice that no one would see it.

Not even one.

So i’m putting out the whole thing.

All of the black and white pages.
all of the colors.

No dialogue.

Trust me…

You don’t want to read anything that Jeff Kaufman wrote.

I’m doing you a favor.

It was enough for me trying to draw it.

You shouldn’t need to be brained with a sock full of pennies.

Just click onto the reader and another page will open full sized.
and you can see the details.

Just like i did when i had to work with Kaufman.

If you look hard enough, The Devil is there.

Holy Cow!!! HE’S BACK??


I know. I’ve been a cad.

It’s been awhile since i’ve kept up with my own blog.

But it’s a new year and new things are happening.

Like working on my own IP’s.
That’s a great thing.
I can finally start putting my imagination to work for me for myself.
Sometimes i can’t sleep nights with all of the creating that goes on in my head.

But last year a lot happened.

Had money woes.
People don’t like to talk about it, but i don’t mind.

With the economy the way it is, a lot of people had financial problems.

My grandfather passed.

That took a lot out of me.

But i didn’t have time to sit down and grieve about it.

Still don’t have time.

But for some reason, my grandmother appears more free, happy and at peace that she has
ever in life.
A great thing.

More stress than good happened last year.

Glad to see 2008 gone.

In the coming entries this year, i’ll be talking about a lot of stuff….
moreso, showing alot of work here that never got seen in the public.

I owe it to myself to post it.

One part of the happiness of an artist is getting paid for the work.
The completion of that happiness is to show that work.
What’s the use of working on something that should be seen if you can’t see it?

I did a ton of work for Big City Comics… now defunct….
and some work for what was supposed to be the breakout party for me doing mainstream work in the states.
Top Cow messed that up.

More on that in the future.

But for now, i’ll be more active in posting work here for peeps to see.

I mean what’s the use of working on something that should be seen if you can’t see it?