Lost Tribe on small Island in the Indian Ocean remain virtually untouched by modern civilization.

I’m always looking for new material and untouched history as great “canon” fodder for conceptual design for characters and stories. Ive been looking for a culture that would fit in step with one of my characters i’ve been developing ….

One I can use history/culturally/technologywise and just run with it.

I think ive found it.

The Sentinelise and the Andamanese.

Lots to dream over. And lots to make sense of. When i started working with Milestone Media in 1993, fresh from SVA, i was opened to a world where any culture was ready for an imaginative fingerprint…. Something to be read, absorbed and reimagined for the interest of the world to partake.

The term “negrito” meaning “little black” literally was a moniker coined for denizens leaving Africa to forge another way of life in other shores. They stepped out of their comfort zone from one continent to see what was to be explored in the rest of the world. Which is why i laughed my head off when i realized we as students were being duped in high school when we were told of the voyages of Amerigo Vespucci and Christopher Columbus and their “discoveries”.

Can’t discover something that always knew it was there.

I thought i would post this so anyone who wants to have a key into my head would get an idea of the seeds of my imagining process.

So, if youre perusing my blog, stop here and check out an indegenious people unfettered and untouched by the weirdness of our societies.

Lost Tribe on small Island in the Indian Ocean remain virtually untouched by modern civilization..