DEE (dee dee) EM (em em) CEE! (cee! cee! cee!) or Suckuh Em Cee, just call him SIRE! 

     Sometime ago, I was contacted through Shawn Martinbrough ( artist for Thief of Theives, a Robert Kirkman joint) and Eric Battle (of Aquaman fame) that a cool PuertoRiciño named Edgat Miranda RODRIGUEZ was looking for artist to help him with a cause through his Somos Artè Creative Studio ( using comic styled illustrations to bring attention to an art showing he had approved by Marvel.   Even got Joe Quesada (EIC) into the game and it went off without a hitch. Got media attention that crossed from comic art into hip hop music with MTV used as a vehicle to get the word out.  It was a crowning success for him, and it showed me the perseverance of a man.  
I donated the 90’s version of Storm from the X-Men in her vintage Mohawk.   It was a cool iconic shot.  I’ll post that soon.  
From time to time when time permits, Edgardo and I keep in touch and you can see if you ever talk to him, he wants to be in comics.  So I guess after he managed to get within airspace of the legendary rap artist and pioneer DMC, HE THOUGHT…..” Wouldn’t it be cool to get Darryl to be a superhero and he ACTUALLY love that idea?”  

Well, he didn’t say ” no”.  😉

I get an email from Edgardo telling me his plans to really do this thing right and he hatches a plan with DMC to create a graphic novel company that will house hip hop with the comic art culture and wants me to do an homage cover for him.  He has this cariño for iconic covers from the 90’s.  He wants me to mimic Frank Miller’s Dark Knight.  

I got no problem with THAT.  

SO HEARS THE THING….. In replicating Frank Miller’s art, you get to get in his spirit.  He’s ultra-interpretive. And in order to draw the way Frank does, you know he had to understand the process of drawing correctly in order to go full technique to “cannibalize” that process. And STILL make it look awesome.  Like King Kirby.  

I had great fun with this piece.  And it was great to work with DMC (Darryl Makes Comics) as a company.  I’m sure DMC was laughing in joy seeing a dream like this fulfilled with artists that are serious about the craft.  

There are at least 34 different covers done by many artists from various places on this planet, from various homages to iconic covers.  If you’d like to check them out, hit his website in which Edgardo is the Editor-in-Chief…..
Here’s my contribution.