As an artist, you have to see things in the ether, then explain it on paper or some other medium to get your point across. Me, I use continuity format in verbal and graphic form….
Nick CROSS uses animation. It’s obvious to me what he’s saying without saying it….
…. And it equals and sums up to “no matter what you try to do, it’s the same crap every day. It makes the world go ’round.”

But it does make you think about what you’re into and how you contribute. It’s an animation called PERIHELION.
Now…. You’ll either think that Nick Cross is nuts because of weed addiction….

…. Or that he has the balls to “say” things no one will say.

He was working on a film named Black Sunrise. And if he stopped doing that to create something like this, it was something that kept him up nights until he got it out of his system.

Now…. See what Crosses like us wrought.

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I was first blown away with what a fanbase can do when I saw the fan film of a guy who wanted to redo the opening film intro to BladeRunner. It was cool. Very moody. Very Artsy. And it fit. But would never be used. And I’m sure that was cool with him/her. But it begs the thought that if you don’t like what you see, or you dream of something funkier than what exists already, isn’t it cool that with computer applications and social networking principles, you can accomplish that and show everyone?
Hey, you never know whose watching, right?

I was linked to this cool as heck animation from a studio called Blackmeal. And I guess they thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we came up with a funky intro to the Marvel block on the Disney XD channel?”

It’s really something to see. Simple but very action-oriented.

I hope Disney looks at it.

Check it out!

BLACKMEAL – MARVEL from BlackMeal on Vimeo.

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