Interview with Evan Narcisse with The BLACK CÓMIC LORDS on YouTube

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. Let’s see if I can keep it current.

Evan Narcisse is an American comic book writer, journalist, and video game narrative designer. Narcisse began his working career as a journalist who has reported on video games for several media outlets, such as The Atlantic, The New York Times, Time, Kotaku, io9, and Polygon. As a comic book writer, Narcisse has authored multiple titles which feature the Marvel Comics superhero, Black Panther. Since 2018, Narcisse has been involved with designing or consulting on the narrative elements of several video games, including Insomniac Games Spider-Man video game series, Marvel’s Avengers, and Redfall. So when I had the chance to work with such a hard working brother on Mikestone’s 30th anniversary Comic, how could I say no?

I started working with Milestone fresh off the street in ’93, and went in to help the legendary company for three years put out great material with Blood Syndicate and Heroes and then I left for other pastures with DC comics before the eventual combination and collaboration of the two some 25 years later.

Coming back to work on these characters was like coming back to the old neighborhood again only an alternate universe version of it.

And visiting… doing everything and everywhere all at once in both neighborhoods was something that answered the question for me,”what would it be like to draw the vintage Blood Syndicate right now?”

Listen to this broadcast and get the MILESTONE 30TH ANNIVERSARY book as soon as it comes out this month to get that answer.

Green Lantern 80 years, 100 pages , Chriscross and “McSpousy”

I have the great pleasure of working on a Green Lantern story with characters John Stewart and HawkGirl in an 8 page story that a part of a 100 page comic that will celebrate 80 years of the Green Lantern due out June 23Rd! My birthday! And what’s even cooler is that I’m working with Writer Charlotte Fullerton McDuffie, widowed Wife of the legend Dwayne McDuffie ONE of the creators of Milestone media, writer and producer of the animated series StaticShock and Ben 10…. and of the cartoon series JUSTICE LEAGUE. And Charlotte and I did an interview about it at

By all means, check it out as we both use our collaboration to celebrate the talent and the life of Dwayne McDuffie.

Hahtchie Kahtchieeeee HAH!, Jive Turkey!!

It’s a really odd pairing, I know… having to draw a “realistic superhero ” paired with a known Hanna-Barbera cartoon character, but when I got an email from DC editor Jim Chadwick to do a cover with BLACK LIGHTNING and HONG KONG PHOOEY…. I would be crazy to turn that down! I was in the middle of doing my second book of KINO with Lion Forge , when I got the email, and at the end of the schedule, I took to getting it done. Only they didn’t tell me that I had to morph the cartoon so that in visual concept, HONG KONG PHOOEY looked like he was in the same physical universe as BL. What DC got was THIS…..

…. which caused all manner of confusion, because I was never told to make HONG KONG PHOOEY look “real”. It was supposed to be THIS:

…. admittedly, Jim Chadwick and I chuckled about this cover. I mean, how ridiculous does it look? How can HKP look like he’s going to kick butt looking like one of the Laff-O-lympics? How can BL be taken seriously?

LUCKILY, he gave me another go at it. And you have the second one in the books. And Gabe Eltaeb did a great job with the color work.

Can you imagine if they let the first One PASS?



Yes.  A great thing has happened, Larry.   A book I used to buy in the 90’s is back in the stores and I got a chance to draw a cover for it guided by the mighty Mike Baron, creator of Badger AND Nexus.   

I busted butt to get this done so I can get back to finishing my BankShot duties, something I’m still finishing for Dark Horse publishing , which will be explained in my next entry, but I was glad to accomplish it. 

I haven’t posted in awhile but there’s a lot to get done and more will be posted here as the weeks go this month.  

Hope you dig the image, Larry!!



…….this is why it pays to keep driving for your passions no matter what. 

And it’s just the beginning.  
     I got an email from some producers on SYFY to represent people of color in the comics industry for Black History Month.  I immediately replied and hit send, getting my company ETERNAL KICK’s talent manager Elina Nulman to help arrange everything while I hit my deadlines.   The last week in January they came by with this massive amount of camera equipment.   People in the neighborhood wanted to know if a movie was shooting and who was the celebrity!   

If that doesn’t make a guy feel special, he needs to get out more. Lol. 

I made a nice culinary spread for everyone and we got to the business at hand.  It went pretty long but was edited down ,of course…. and they made 4 spots so far of the interview.  This on that I posted here is the television spot that appeared so far and will be running all this month along with more comic alumn who enjoy the same passions I do.  
Telling stories. 

You spend Time in your cave creating worlds while the outside world goes by, and then you go just enough to get people’s notice.  


Enjoy. 🤤🤤​


In the nineties, when I had finished my tour with Milestone Media, and my work on Xero for DC Comics, I got a gig on X-Man…. which lead to lending my talents to the book SLINGERS, a book that used characters that used various aliases that Peter Parker used as a disguise from whatever travails his true alter ego SPIDER-MAN was experiencing.  I had done a years worth of that book when I founded that Slingers was to be canceled due to sales and I was brought into the Office of Tom Brevoort who flagged me down after turning in pages.  

    Back then, it was vogue to walk in your work so you could voucher your work for payment.   Nowadays, it’s all computers and cloud severs.  

     Tom was looking to kickstart a new volume of Captain Marvel, this time using Mar-Vell’s son Genis-Vell along with Rick Jones as his partner in crime.  When I learned that Peter David was writing it, I was SO down to draw this book….never mind the mythos behind the Captain Marvel legend.  I didn’t even stick around for the end of Slingers.   There was a preview script ready for art and I jumped at the chance to do it. So, my first thought was how do I make Rick Jones MINE? 

I had the idea to make him look like Ricky Martin, who was really big at the time, living La Vida Loca…. and I thought it would be a great update to a legendary character that had been in league with the likes of Hulk and Captain America and had been to war in the Avengers Forever storyline. 

No pressure.  

    But I had no pressure in drawing the image that was the new Captain Marvel.  And I knew if I did this right, people would start to respect my art abilities.  So I used my love of anime and manga storytelling-wise to intro the image of my first time  drawing Genis as CAPTAIN MARVEL.   I was looking to flex and I saved my excitement for this VERY PAGE.   The clanging of the nega-bands by Rick Jones, the POWER COSMIC creating a flash of light, a tornado spiral of energy and air swirling around the now shadowy image of Rick and a pull back in camera to reveal the first image of a cool looking character I would be exponentially maturing my art from for the next three years.  All from a straightforward script that gave me the license to truly tell a great story as if I was directing a cartoon.  

     When my best friend found out I was going to draw this particular series for Marvel, he was floored.  He loved the Captain Marvel character also. 

     When I think of when my career in comics kicked off,  personally feel this page is the seed that got my name perculating in the comics industry.  One day I may just redraw this page for fun with the abilities I’ve acquired after over 25 years of drawing comics.  

This was fun.  


In the 90’s, when new companies were booming in the Comics industry, I had the chance to get a stab at working with a number of Indy companies.   One of them was a company called AKKLAIM who was famous for doing video games and decided to branch out into the realm of comics.  In between my work on Captain Marvel for Marvel, I got a call to work on a filler issue (what companies call when the regular artist on a monthly series has to take a break and needs another artist to stand in on artistic duties to keep the books coming out on time) to work in a genre I rarely get to do.  Superhero/mystical/horror.  There’s not many books like this.  So I gave it a go.  And I had a bit of fun with it.  

This is an oldie but goodie and if you’ve never seen it, I’d like to share it with you.  

It was written by two great writers named Danny Abnett And Andy Lanning who told me they really enjoyed my work on that issue. 

I hope you will too. 

“CREDIT”.   (Full Media Commandos)

    There is a full discussion brewing.  And has been for a long time but is now picking up steam.  


Not the card, not a future opportunity with your lovemuffin because you took out the garbage, …

It’s about the work you do and getting honor for it.  If you put your all into a project that involves MANY people and you have to vie for recognition, Is it worth your time?

This is the first of a series of videos by host Snakebite Cortez that many freelance artists and myself in various fields of entertainment give you a refresher course and great advice about why you DESERVE CREDIT for what you do.  

CHRISCROSS DOES SKETCHCARDS FOR VALIANT(complete with speeddraw video)

Three weeks ago, Joshua Johns , editor at Valiant Entertainment, emailed that he wanted to have me do some sketch cards to celebrate X-O MANOWAR 50.   I did TEN SKETCHCARDS ….. Four of which I did a time-lapsed video of four of those images.  I had fun doing it and the video should give everyone who views it a touch of what it looks like to have artists drawing for fun.  

I hope you enjoy the next couple of posts.