In 2007, I had this deal I was working out with IDW in its infancy where I would do a myriad of covers for them to build a different type of portfolio other than The Big Two : one was doing covers for GI Joe, another for ANGEL, another was going to be for a plethora of LOST covers when they were publishing such, AND another for GENE SIMMONS :HOUES OF HORRORS.  

       I  just happened to come across the JPEG of the art for the piece as I was looking for something I’m doing now, of all things…. And I remembered why I took the job, but I also remember why I stopped pressing for more opportunities there at that time.  The rates were too low. But as a freelancer sometimes you have to decide if what you’re taking on is more about fun or finances.  It’s all about what your personal needs and satisfaction on your quest to ” perfection”. 

I thought it was a cool piece, but it never got used or published, so I’m PRETTY SURE it’s okay to show. If not, color me REBEL. 

AS you can see I went for a different take hereof her than my usual comic book-y, air.  But I had fun with going a bit MONSTER.