I never really saw myself working with Archie when I was young and first starting in the medium. And I don’t regret chasing them down either. One thing you learn in the medium is to never have a light nose filled with derision when it comes to where you work. As long as it pays, pal. That’s the freelancer credo.

And having fun on projects.

When I heard that Archie had reacquired the Red Circle characters, something in me jumped for joy.

They’re back.

They’re going to get a new lease on life.

And I wanted to get to draw them at least ONCE.

SO… I called up the Editor in Chief after much due diligence and availed of my services.

And this was the result.

And I hope you liked it.

Cuz I had FUN.

THIS batch of heroes are the NEW Crusaders.

And I wanted the new incantation of these guys to feel like a cool ’80’s cartoon. Much like I did with the Mighty 7 cover.

Ah, the ’80’s.

You kids missed the best decade ever. 🙂


The Mighty 7

Sometime ago, Vito Delsante and I , we who are (were) partners at my company ETERNAL KICK, were in talks with The Great Archie Publications about working with the Great STAN LEE And his Mighty 7.

Something we wanted to really work on and hopefully retool so that the mightiness of Stan Lee continued on….
…. But after a year of negotiations, it didn’t pan out. It was kind of one of those losses you just snap your fingers and suck your teeth and go, “Awww, MaaaAAAAaaannn…”


…we’re still in talks with Archie for some other cool stuff. And I’ll let you know when things are completed and greenlit.

** which also didn’t pan out**

but…. That means you get to see the cover we had worked out that would double as a campaign poster!

And I never hold things back from the fans. Not if I can help it, anyway…

What…? You never seen a hypocrite before?:)

Well this hypocrite comes bearing art. I hope you likes.

The first cover:


And here’s the cover concept that was supposed to be the first … Or second… Eh… Who cares…:)

It never got done, but it think it would have been iconic…!