Green Lantern 80 years, 100 pages , Chriscross and “McSpousy”

I have the great pleasure of working on a Green Lantern story with characters John Stewart and HawkGirl in an 8 page story that a part of a 100 page comic that will celebrate 80 years of the Green Lantern due out June 23Rd! My birthday! And what’s even cooler is that I’m working with Writer Charlotte Fullerton McDuffie, widowed Wife of the legend Dwayne McDuffie ONE of the creators of Milestone media, writer and producer of the animated series StaticShock and Ben 10…. and of the cartoon series JUSTICE LEAGUE. And Charlotte and I did an interview about it at

By all means, check it out as we both use our collaboration to celebrate the talent and the life of Dwayne McDuffie.