Traverse the ACTIONVERSE.  

    I was asked by Action Lab, which is an up and coming indie comics publisher who has an ever growing league of titles, to do an alternate cover for Midnight Tiger, which has been a mainstay for Action Lab for years now. The characters Molly Danger, Fracture, Midnight Tiger , The Stray,and others are forming the ACTIONVERSE , which  is a shared universe from multiple creators like Vito Delsante, Jamal Igle, Ray Anthony Height, Shawn Gabborin, Chad Cicconi, (and my apologies this I missed….)

     I want the guys to succeed so I showed my support by drawing their characters on a Midnight Tiger’s cover which I had a great time doing.   Here’s the cover with and without the logo and the header. I’ll show the colored version as soon as I get that image. 

It was great drawing Molly Danger, The Stray, Fracture, and Midnight Tiger… And it reminded me just getting into the business drawing costumed heroes.  There’s an exuberance there and innocence that’s gone from the industry now. 

But now represented here.