(i have NO idea what that means.)


You should go check this out.

Some brothers i’ve known since college… one since High School… have come together to create a company called Verge Entertainment.

The company consists of three gentlemen….Joseph Illidge (a former DC editor, present Archaia Press editor, and writer), Shawn Martinbrough (an artist best known for his stint on Batman and his book How to draw Noir comics), and Milo Stone (who is the back and bone of the Verge engine.)

They worked in conjunction with BoDog (which if you’re into poker, music, ultimate fighting championships and the like, this is the company that does tons of that… and chances are you’ve watched tons of this kind of entertainment that they’ve financed) in bringing out a graphic novel called AYRE FORCE. They took real-life BoDog owner and CEO Calvin Ayre and made him a real man on a mission. I’m sure his ego loves it. Who wouldn’t want to be drawn with a gun fighting genetically altered children of a madman?

I do it every day making art deadlines!!

So click on the lavender Ayre Force type!

You’ll notice that there are webisodes. 2 in all. My artwork is in the second one.

Even got the credits!!

If you’re going to the NY ComiCon, they’ll be running the webisodes all day… poor guys at the booth… and you can see in hiDef and in loud bass and treble.

if that’s your thing.

I’m proud of the guys. And i’m glad i could be a part of it.

Who knows? Maybe a cartoon in our future?

Wouldn’t hurt!

2 thoughts on “ON THE VERGE OF A BODOG

  1. Hey, I have that book Shawn’s book on how to draw Noir comics!! It was a HUGE help. Chris, that was me trying to chat with you on Facebook. Love the blog! I have a page of your Captain Marvel run.


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