Preparing to CON myself….

Follow me….

It’s alright… look down… i wanna show you something….!

You see all this above me?

There was SO much to do before i went to NYComiCon that i think i aged at least a decade in days. Something liked being locked in the Fortress of Solitude and coming out a whole lot more funky than i went in. And a lot more on the hairy side. I detest looking and feeling like a Yeti.

And i’m six foot nine. SO that’s not necessarily a stretch.

So.. in a previous post, i talked about working with Verge Entertainment. My boy Joe Illidge… whom i’ve known since High School, by the way….when we ALL had more hair….
…. gave me a call wanting me to help him and the gang get some artists to help the Verge put together the second installment of their webisodes called Ayre Force.

Featuring Calvin Ayre. CEO of BoDog.

Of which i’ve learned has just retired his commission of said comglomerate.

Guess the Bear bile scandal via his nemesis Janus Winter was too much for him to bear…

heh.. bear….

So anywho… they wanted some info on artists to do the Ayre Force Webisodes and i, like i didn’t have enough on my plate, said that i would take on the job if they really needed the art that badly. So…

As i cried butt-naked, fetal-positioned and sucking my thumb in my favorite stress corner of my apartment…

I helped out.

Mind you…. and don’t tell anyone this…


Was still butt-naked and crying…

but it was COOL.

i hadn’t really done any real animation in-betweens since S.V.A.

And THAT was some time ago. I went to S.V.A. for animation and painting/illustration.

So it was nice to do something different than the ….eurmm.

okay.. forget that sentence.

It waa nice to do something different.


Now.. i guess you would like to SEE some of the stuff i did above actually move. Gotcha.

It’s really simplistic pencils and inks on many scenes and i did like 2/3rds of the work.

Milo Stone was the brother engorged in the After Effects.

If we had time, i would have liked to do more so that it would have come out smoother.

The excuse of every artist everywhere on the planet.

Here’s the first vid….
Glad you liked it!!

and now that you have an IDEA what the premise is… here’s the second installment that all that work led to….



No. I don’t have popcorn, doggonit.

Just sit and watch.

I must say though… the screams are hilarious.

See anythang in purple? Click that thang!!

One thought on “Preparing to CON myself….

  1. Those webisodes were pretty cool Cross. I’m glad you,Joe,and the others are trying your hand at animation. I STRONGLY believe that the future of the comic book industry lies in animation. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the monthly comic book format is replaced by a monthly animated episode shorts put out on DVD.


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