Examples of working in the BIG CITY….

So… for the past couple of months, i’ve been busting my hump to get this work done. It’s been kicking my butt. Especially since i’m doing full pencils to get the pages done. I once told myself that i would never do full pencils on a project again unless i have mega-time to get it done.

And i must now learn never to say NEVER.

So i’m working on Totem, Tempest and Mario Gully’s Ant Unleashed. I remember looking at Mario’s character on MySpace and asking him to send me some issues so i can see what the character was all about. Little did i know that months later, i would be actually DRAWING his character.

Anywho…. so i’m doing the limited series called TAINTED for BIG CITY COMICS and i’m trying to get things done so i can ultimately move on to my own endeavors…..and it’s taking longer than i planned. Things aren’t going according to my schedule…

….and it’s making me antsy.

But the great thing about working on this project is that it’s giving me time to work out some kinks in the way i work on and visualize getting pages done. I’m sure i’ll be a different person should i be working with Marvel and DC again.

But i ramble.

These are the covers to the three books i’ve already done. Some of you may have already seen some of the images on other sites. SO.. see ’em again!!

And if you haven’t seen them, it’s new to you!

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