DREAMWEAVER 2: Lonnie Lowe’s E. P. I. C.

Welcome to the second installment of many DREAMWEAVER columns to come. This posting is a bit of a twist. As I’ve been taking on commissions, some have been about fulfilling a dream of drawing another artist’s character(s) as if it were being prepared to be drawn in a comic. Something like having a pro draw your stuff says many things, but for the most part, it inspired me so much , I’d go home and go create more in the hopes of actually working with these professionals on that level.
Trust me, the day you hear Walt Simonson call you “son!”, you know you’ve made it!

In any case, this is a commission that wound up turning into a cover. Lonnie Lowe Jr. is an aspiring entrepreneur who decided he wasn’t going to wait for the Big Two to snag him. He wanted to take life by the horns and create his own I. P.
He’s already ahead of the curve. A lot of people argue about not getting the dream, Lonnie is one of those that went to go make his dream happen. I can definitely help out a brother trying to do THAT regardless of anything standing in his way.

Lonnie has a concept called E. P. I. C. (Earth’s Protector in Crisis), a brand new comic series from his Indy comic book company Dark City Comics. The story centers around college sophomore Christopher “Chris”Tayborne, a young and talented archeology major, that through a series of sudden twists and turns lands his hands on one of the most powerful weapons in the known Galaxy The Alpha Bands. In the same breath he also unleashes a power back into the world that it hasn’t seen for thousands of years and has long since forgotten. Once these powers are release the planet goes from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes changing the scope of the entire globe and almost immediately creating our Alpha human population thus setting the events into place that give life to the Dark City comics Universe.

It sounds like a great action filled book ready to burn rubber.

This is his reference for me filled with other covers done and sketched costumes of the character.

See, told you! Looks like this has great potential!

So here’s the buildup of my version of his cover starting with open pencils, then inks. He has someone who colored the piece…..

All in all the cover for his concept E. P. I. C. Came out pretty well, and once again a dream fulfilled to have a seasoned pro draw his character.

If you’d like a commission, you can hit me up in the messenger area at http://www.facebook.com/chriscrossrex or email me at thunduhchild@yahoo.com, and let me weave a dream for you!

If you’d like to know more about E. P. I. C. , you can go to http://www.darkcitycomics.com

As artists and writers, let’s help each other sell each other’s dreams to those who need them. 🙂

(And click the images to expand )

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