This is going to be a running column on my blog where I do art commissions that inspire. This particular blog column will be focused on those who ask me to draw their own made up character to fulfill a dream where they get to see a professional comic artist realize their characters. I’ve done a couple so far and the first I’ll post is one from a cool guy named Scott Blake on Facebook.
  He created and copyrighted a character that he called Titan Black. A cyborg hybrid he has been creating and recreating over the years.
  I remember how good it felt and the inspiration born in me when I went to a small con in NY with my homeboys Joe Illidge, Buzz, And Ceasar way back in the days and I brought some art to get a crit from whoever was there. Kyle Baker was there at a table, super young and artistic looking, and really friendly. I showed him a small Superman sketch I modeled after THE Neal Adams and he was so impressed he started inking it right there. Back then, Kyle was just starting out as an inker and he was amazing. Still is. But he did it so quickly and did it so well that I must have been flying in my mind for days.
  It was that “I just drew Superman for DC and inks were by Kyle Baker” fantasy that kept me so juiced that all I did was draw after that.
  So I want to pass along that premise. As part of my commissioning, I also take amateur drawing of artist’s attempt at drawing their own heroes or villains and draw them with my take on them. For the normal rates I charge in commissions, of course.
  This one was drawn by an aspiring artist named Scott Blake.

He wanted my take on the character, I’m sure one of many….
 … With the assurance that I’m not remaking that drawing, just using my technique and ability to replicate it.
 I think it’s a great vehicle to keep people drawing and creating. If they see someone who made it using their skills to give their own imagination credence.
 This was my take and he really enjoyed it. If you’re interested in having me do commissions for you, you can always hit me up on Facebook in the messenger section (Www.facebook.com/chriscrossrex) or my email at thunduhchild@yahoo.com.
 We can discuss rates and protocols and you’ll always get my best effort.

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