I throw some BIG ups towards  facebooker and client Bill Lait for his patience and his understanding in the length of time it took me to finally get his commission done. 

There were a ton of obstacles…. Personal family things and deadlines …. That halted the process of this being done and he was chill through the whole period.  So when he asked me to do his Space Ghost vs Thanos Illo…. I was definitely going to add some features I normally charge for, but I figure he deserves some extra love.  Big deadlines that strangle an artist to very strict living styles is the bane of every freelancer, and THE Bill Lait took it in stride.  No worries, no fear.  

I added Blip, the squeaky monkey and unfortunately, the composition kept me from adding Jase and Jan, so I added marker tones.   

So three cheers to Bill Lait!
(Click to expand)


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