DREAMWEAVER 4 (Riding the Heavenly Dragon)

A couple of weeks ago, my wife learned that an ex co-worker of hers passed away from many physical complications due to some health issues and some surgeries.  Not a good combination. And he was fairly young.  

His name was Christopher Pecoraro.  

He left behind a son with the same name and some great artistic talents of his own.  

My wife told me his son was a big fan of mine and she thought it would be great to hire me for a commission.   

You know my wife wasn’t paying me.  Lol.  

But she told me those that were close to him that Chris enjoyed many things, but one of his obsessions was DRAGONS.  They wanted something with him and dragons.  So, I thought how coo it would be to surf a dragon to Heaven and Chris’ Father in pure ecstasy enjoying the ride.  Make it happy.  Make it glorious.  It should heal as much as bring closure.   

Which I’m truly all about.   Let the work do the hugging. 

So I went to work on it.  And when I finished, what my wife saw in disjointed layers became the virtual hug I was looking for.  

I don’t get to draw dragons much.  It’s ashame.  Because I dug it.  And so did Christopher, Papa Chris’ son.  

I got reports of holding back tears, and laughing, to the surprise of how much I captured not just the look of Chris, but his spirit.  

That is the prime compliment to any artist.  It just makes us want to draw more.  

In comics, many artists have to be constantly annoyed over people who don get it critiquing your work.  In the real world, the people who SEE it, get it.  And when you’ve affected their lives with but an image, it’s the food that fills our stomachs.  It rejuvenates us as much as it brings joy to those who are the recipients of our alms to their personal pain or craving of imagination. 


SO, to son Christopher, through my wife Jennifer, I’m glad I was a conduit of joy in any confusion and grief you’re going through.  Be the man your father was.  Make him proud. 

Wrench the planet with your talent. 

And ride the Heavenly Dragon. 

These are comments that just makes you keep drawing. Especially from Chris William Pecoraro, Christopher’s son. 


And here’s the commission.  



Christopher in detail


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