BLEEDING COOL’S Eric Esquivel interviews CHRISCROSS about Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon, Smallville:Detective and things Milestone

    It was great doing the type of interview that i did with Eric Esquivel technique-wise. And he’s a spirited lad. 😀  You can tell in the questions he asks.  He likes to stir that pot. I’m good with that.

No beating around the bush, no sidestepping, no half-stepping either.

   If i could only do more interviews where i’m getting the questions by email that allows me to continue to answer as if we’re actually talking back and forth like this one….. instead of the same “here’s my question, fill in the blank” response, my interviews would be more organic.


    One thing is for sure, after the interview, it got me thinking about where Milestone Media would be if it was allowed to fully realize it’s dreams. What kind of company would it be if it were to break away from DC to become it’s own entity?  Would it be the next Dark Horse? Image?  Would it be connected to movie houses and production companies?  How would the characters be regarded?  How would the populace respond to an exclusively independent African American owned company?  How would the owners have evolved?  Dwayne McDuffie, Derek Dingle, Denys Cowan, and Michael Davis (my apologies for almost forgetting to type you here, Mike)… What kind of leaders would they be if the roof off of Milestone had just exploded and the world of transmedia were at their fingertips?


IT was a great ride when it was forefront in the comic world’s eye.  And they changed the industry. I can only hope that when it’s my time to shine, i’m able to carve my part in this slab.


That being said, Eric posed some focused views on questioning culture in comics and if what was being done was enough.  


Read what i said.

Even the goofy parts. 😀


Oh yeah. i just caught a wave.  I really miss Dwayne.…