To say that doing this issue was a cakewalk would be the lie of the century considering the time allotted to complete it. With Hurricane Sandy, that hybrid storm had pretty much shut everyone down. I was coming home from a much needed vacation and the lights and power had just come on as I literally walked in the door of my apartment.
Poor Peter Tomasi hadn’t had any power until a couple of days later.
And time was dwindling in which to make the deadline that was set to get this annual out.
But when the script started to file in, it was all about getting the talented Scott Hanna and Marlo Alquiza to get the inking done… And they did great work considering the time we had to get it done. I’m pretty sure that Wil Moss, the editor, has had an excuse to use Just For Men after that process. Me, I just shaved my head bald. :)Peter Tomasi, I feel, is doing something with GLC that separates this book from the other Green Lantern books. It’s oviphagy translate as space opera. It’s cinematic and prolific. It’s a movie in every book. And it shows in the current work that artist Fernando Basarin accomplishes in every page.
So I had to step up my game a bit. But there’s only so much one can do when time is limited. (Mind you,this is me never being satisfied. 🙂 )
With the inkers doing their thing, the glue that made this book really pull was Wil Quintana. His pastel hued palette reminds me of watching the really cool anime of the past. Like watching Mighty Orbots. And it would work like gangbusters over the work I was producing on this book.
I’m still apologizing to him for the extra double-splash page I did on top of the myriad of other double-splashes in this book. He had to color both and then sandwich them together.
There were a ton of double-splash sequences in this book that I’m about to post with this entry and I just thought it would be great for you guys to look at the work unencumbered by lettering, so you can get the idea of the breadth of work that went into getting the book done.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did doing it. Even if Peter Tomasi is a madman. And Fernando. 🙂

The next chapter of Smallville :Detective is out on COMIXOLOGY


Check it out! The next story of the new Detective is here on Smallville!…


Since the next chapter of SMALLVILLE : DETECTIVE is out in Comixology, most people may not know of the massive recaps that they retell in summary at the Smallville Wiki. So while I get my color versions of the Smallville concepts togedduh, that can be a nice place to get to know all things Smallville season eleven. Warning, though… There may be spoilers.

Batman in Smallville: SMALLVILLE – DETECTIVE


So I started working on Smallville:Detective in Late February , and it’s been some ride so far. A lot has happened in the midst of getting this book moving. But it’s finally out in the stores physically and it’s been shown in chapters through the digital comic publishing giant ,Comixology. I feel it’s time with this newer blog to start getting these pages out for y’all to see. I managed to get some of the produced pages without the dialog so you can see the art unfettered. I will also be putting the concept designs on this blog, too… To give you the idea of exactly how much work goes Into making this cool Smallville comic go! I’ll also post the pencils of the pages so you can see some of the process. It’s not purely digital, but it’s not purely old school paper-and-pencil, either. But I hope you enjoy the journey.