I’ve been kind of bouncing around for awhile. Doing some great projects here and there and I don’t really see that stopping soon. Many people have asked me about my cosmic meanderings from working on Green Lantern Corps to Smallville (where I got to set the designs for the Smallville Batman and NightWing …. And boy did fanboys become annoying about the NightWing thing…lol) to Valiant’s BLOODSHOT#0 to drawing Katana for DC’s Villain month as well as pencilling and inking most of Katana issue 9.
During that time,I had been pretty split in my focus because the main thing was accomplishing my dream of finally not just owing my own transmedia company, but finally getting it it’s own website…a place to finally have a home for housing some IP’s I’ve been putting together since I was 17.
And now that is finally accomplished. More on that on my next blog.
I have been in talks with Valiant and I’m looking to settle in a bit. As long as Valiant will throw work at me, I’ll keep slinging the art. They have a great scheduling system, and great characters…. ingredients to make a great cake, let me tell you. I will finally get time to do the work I’ve wanted to do, and not the type of work where I have to rush and hurt my work (and potentially myself) to make crazy deadlines. I think I’ve come to the point where although I can’t say it won’t happen again, I’m getting too old to be doing these all-nighters and working all day, everyday, and weekends.

I have to be smarter nowadays.

I need to love myself more.

There’s great things that are in the works that will be primed to explode if I plan everything right and I really take care of myself.

So these will be the next following years of ME.

I’ve been back logged a bit so I have a ton to blog about. So I hope you’ll stick around while I plot to make some history. 🙂

I will be working on some Archer and Armstrong for Valiant. And I’m sure they have bigger things planned for me and I’ll post those plans and art when it’s primed to go. Stick around, guys. !!

Now pardon me while I lay down a bit…;)


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