NOW.. i don’t usually deal with people’s reviews. It’s been my experience that most reviewers that take it upon themselves to review comic work in general… or even my work… can be scathing for no reason and critical with no understanding of the concept of what i do or why i do them… and my advice is and will always be… if you’re going to do reviews of anyone’s work in comics, you’d better know your stuff.   Otherwise, artists, writers and colorists will NOT like you.


that being said, someone turned me on to this brother Brit on YouTube and he’s been reviewiing and chronicling Smallville Season 11 since it’s inception on the digital landscape.  And i gotta say, he’s very respectable, if he makes mistakes, he will issue an apology and get the actual facts of the matter exposed and when he reviews, he’s really just giving the chronicling of what he read without the sensationalist nonsense… and never gives the spoilers.  So kudos to the man in CK!!  


and he’s digging the Batmobile i designed and he gets that i wanted it to be massive and agressive.  As he says, ‘IT’S A BEAST.”


Yes, CK. IT’s a BEAST!! :OD  So much so, i really want the cast of the guys from DREAM MACHINES on SYFY Channel to make one in the real world. How cool would that be?


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