The progress of NIGHTWING: before she became Barbara…

    When Bryan Q. Miller and i sat down on the phone and hashed out the details about NightWing, he at first thought it would be great to give her purple hair… which would be cool, but i thought that doing so while Hit Girl was still in the thoughts of many fans may encroatch on the popularity of Stephanie Brown. Who was NightWing before the echelon decided Barbara was the way to go.  


Poor Stephanie.. If she was black, i’d pull the race card. 😀

She don’t drink, she don’t smoke and she’s a great athlete.  Someone needs to come up with a great schtick for her. She’s DUE.  


Speaking of Negro… the color in spanish, not the name for my culture in the 70’s… :D, My first thought was if we’re doing Stephanie Brown why not have the Smallville version of her be ethnic?  Like Stephanie Brown the SISTUH?  No one would expect it, i think people would except it because anything can happen in Smallville and you can take chances where everything is more rigid and set in the DCU.  I think i scare Miller a bit. HEH…  yeah, that’s the ticket.

I thought it would be great to see Bats with a black sistuh-soulja and they can both get all urban-guerilla and stuh…

Who’s going to believe that a blond white girl is living the rough life in the ‘hood?  I thought it would be great to bring in a more diverse contingent.  Not so.. how do you say… uh.. UNIVERSAL. 

Yeah… that’s the ticket.

But he wanted to see it and i let it fly but i also put some cool stuff together face-wise on the blond sistuh-soulja.  White girls can fight too. Just watch the YOOTOOBZ. 😀

I wanted my version of NightWing to be memorable yet funky. So i did some small sketches and let them run with it.  Hope you see where i was going with it.  

If you’ve been collecting the Smallville epps and issues, you already know which way the echelon went. 😀


Hey, it’s all good.  Hope you like the sketches and a small view in my head. The color versions of NightWIng is next posting. 😀


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