It took me awhile to finally post these. Been through alot in the last couple of months, but i have a lot planned for the duration and i’ll be posting here more regularly now. This is the pencils and full colors for the ill-fated Tainted series that never was. I’ll get it all out. Promise. Now as with all the others i’ve posted before and ever thereafter, if you want to see these as fullscreen modules you can see and peruse, just click directly on the turning books and another tab will open so that you can see all the gory details. Cool, huh?


One thought on “TAINTED ENOUGH TO SHOW OUT part 3

  1. Dude glad I found this littel gem, awesome stuff man. Really sorry to hear about all the problems with this project. Its fustrating when sometomes dealing with other people who arent on the same page when it comes to the project. I had a similar issue recently, the best thing is to go solo and do creator owned properties.JP


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